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Events for 22 December 2018

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  • The London Shipwreck: A Sunken Story

    Dates: Sep 22, 2018 - Jul 20, 2019
    The London exhibits finds from the London shipwreck
    Southend Central Museum & Planetarium

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  • NetPark

    Dates: Sep 19, 2017 - Dec 31, 2018
    NetPark is the exciting new visitor attraction for Southend, created and launched by Metal in October 2015. It is a constantly evolving collection of GPS located digital artworks that present artistic responses to the landscape, people and history in the busy, well-used Chalkwell Park.

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  • John Seeley's Jazz and Saxophone Group

    Dates: Jan 12, 2017 - Dec 17, 2020
    Do you like Jazz music? Do you play the Saxophone?
    John Seeley's Jazz and Saxophone Group

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