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Re:Generation - Tillingham

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The Dance Network Association Community Interest Company


Nov 1, 2018 - Dec 6, 2018



Booking information:

Book with Jasmine by emailing jasmine@dancenetworkassociation.org.uk, or call 07490 37 47 17


Location: 2 Vicarage Lane,Tillingham, Southminster, Essex, CM0 7TW

Time: 13.30-14.30

Every Thursday from: Thursday 1 November until Thursday 6 DecemberWe think dance should have no age limit, which is why we created the dance programme RE: Generation. These set of classes are based in Chelmsford and Tillingham and were made to encourage those over the age of 50 to dance, explore movement and enjoy themselves with like minded individuals. Whilst these classes offer a fantastic environment to dance and express themselves, these also support a healthy brain and body. These sessions accomplish this by working on mobility, stimulating the mind, enhancing coordination and above all, keep the body moving.

All participants come away from these sessions having learnt the importance of movement and dance in older age and the tremendous effects these can have on brain and body. Additionally, through these sessions they will learn how to adapt our material for their varying physical abilities. Participants have the opportunity to experience and explore a broad range of creative ideas as the stimulus for what direction the dance and movement will take. This is further enhanced through the utilisation of a range of props. Whilst this approach allows participants to explore their creativity it also means they will have a real impact on the finished routine/ product. 

Our sessions also develop their memory for movement as they learn the set material, as well as improving their coordination as their routines are often performed in unison. Throughout the year, we also offer participants the opportunity to perform at events with their family and friends can attend. However, this is not compulsory as the focus is to have fun dancing!

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