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Mauricio Velasierra


Velasierra is a pioneering player of traditional Andean flutes redesigned to accommodate the ever expanding needs of his profession. He has developed a truly original musical language, , his compositions a rich mixture of largely unexplored Andean rhythms combined with contemporary melodies and harmonies.
The Mauricio Velasierra Quintet was formed with the purpose of continuing to develop a vivid and distinctive style that could be described as instrumental storytelling which has resulted in some remarkable collaborative outcomes. Mauricio is a committed teacher and facilitator setting his work within a cultural context whilst successfully relating to a wide range of popular musical styles. Within the educational field he has worked extensively with SuperAct and The WOMAD Foundation in all sectors of the community and his open and adaptable approach reaches all ages and abilities.

“The beautifully understated Latin edge of this exhilarating set, would be at home as part of both a jazz or contemporary gig, it takes you to that place one is always looking for in music, both playful and deeply reflective."

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