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Mim Suleiman


Mim was born in Zanzibar moving to UK in the early 80’s. Whilst teaching metallurgy at the University of Birmingham (UK), Mim realized that she was destined to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and musician. She has been described as a fiery singer who never fails to indulge her audience reaching deep into her East African traditions. A versatile and compelling performer, she performs internationally including a homecoming concert at the Sauti Busara Festival in Zanzibar. Her music reaches across the spectrum of soul, blues, funk, house and jazz, back to her African heritage. She has collaborated with Justin Adams, Juldeh Camara and Robert Plant, amongst others. A talented composer/writer in both English and Swahili, she sings in a variety of languages.Her composition ‘Mingi’ for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ infiltrated the sound waves and became a phenomenal success in 2014.

‘Suleiman is no stranger to the glories of multi-cultural collaboration, having previously lent her talents to Sheffield groups like the funk-soul outfit ‘Bare Knuckle Soul’ and Afro-beat troupe Rafiki Jazz’. Her vocal play moves across the spectrum of the stereo field, swooping and receding both driving and embracing the musical pathways.’

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