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Ripton Lindsay


Choreographer, dancer, dance tutor, lyricist, MC, DJ, poet and writer .Lindsay was born in Jamaica and grew up immersed in Jamaican music and dance, specifically the art of Kumina dance of the Maroon communities. Drawing on many traditional styles, he has developed his own distinctive approach whilst staying true to his authentic roots. He has been living and working in the UK and internationally since 2000 working as a dance tutor and cultural educator. Using the language of dance and music as an educational tool, Ripton has inspired and connected young people from differing backgrounds, abilities and cultures. Recently this work has taken him to Northern Ireland working on collaborative projects with ‘Beyond Skin’ in areas of continuing conflict. A world class artist who has performed with Africa Bambaata (Zulu Nation and DJ Babu of Dilated as well as choreographing and performing his one man show ‘The Journey Through Dance’. He is the exclusive MC for DJ/Producer Mr Benn and Massive Attack’s, Daddy G., and his festival performances include at WOMAD, Glastonbury, The Big Chill, Boomtown and Shambala.

Ripton’s open and generous approach and ability to full engage with young people is extraordinary to witness and demonstrates the power of the arts as an instrument of change.

“Music gives us a sense of identity, purpose and time. It's important to remain true to who you are and what you do.”
Ripton Lindsay.

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