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SECCADS Networking Events Opportunity

Date published: 01/02/2019

Full Story:

Colchester Borough Council and Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd are seeking expressions of interest in providing an exciting, relevant and ambitious programme of networking events for the Creative, Cultural and Digital sector over a six month period.
In line with the objectives of the South East Creative Cultural And Digital Support (SECCADS) EU funded programme which seeks to provide business support, networking and clustering opportunities for the creative sector, we are keen to establish regular events which encourage and inspire local creative people, and promote collaboration.
The challenge is to provide a programme of events to take place over a six month period with a focus on developing opportunities for creative, cultural and digital businesses and individuals to meet in a learning and social capacity. Funding and the commission will be allocated to cover a six month period from the point of activity commencement, which we would envisage taking place from early 2019. The programme can be a series of similar events or a mixture of smaller and larger gatherings or festival contributions.
Full detals available here.