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Arts and culture benefits care home residents new report shows

Date published: 23/09/2019

Full Story:

For the past two years Essex County Council and Anglia Ruskin University have worked with some of the UK’s leading arts and health organisations to explore the role of arts and culture in care home settings and how they can develop and maintain relationships between older people and care staff.
With funding from Arts Council England for £125,000 an exciting artistic programme has seen care home residents across the county creating and performing orchestral music with Orchestras Live, dancing with Green Candle Dance Company, engaging with reminisence arts activity with Age Exchange plus intergenerational work between a school and care home with Magic Me 
The activity was underpinned by research by Anglia Ruskin University who were exploring how the arts develop relationships within care home settings and with the wider community.
The final report of the project has now been published and outlines how the arts impact positively on relationships between care home staff and relatives, breaks down boundaries between residents and the community and have unique qualities to engage residents, enabling them to express themselves creatively.
This research will now be used to inform future thinking around arts provision in care home settings as well as future programmes of work.
The Creative Journeys Final Report and Executive Summary are viewable online.
·     Key messages include:
·         Participatory arts activities impact positively on the relationships between residents, care home staff and relatives.
·         Participatory arts activities break down boundaries between those living in care homes and the wider community;
·         The arts have unique qualities to engage residents, enabling them to express themselves creatively, build on their strengths and make             meaningful contributions to their relationships and their communities;
·         The development of relationships is dependent on both the creative processes and the culture of the care homes; 
A full version of the video of the project can be viewed here